"It's your time to be the RockStar"

Look, this pandemic has changed a lot of us fundamentally. There is literally no going back now. Well at least for me, I just refuse to keep sitting in the same spot and not living my life to the fullest. Life is short on the other side of forty. How long do you want to continue to live a life that’s not you. Too many of us were raised on the principle that success is a reward for good behavior, but I am here to it most certainly is not. Success is not a reward for good behavior, no more than it is a secret. Success is a system, but not one you can buy, one we can create.

You see I have been successful for quite some time, but not on my own terms. IT WAS ON EVERYONE ELSE'S. I thought I had to be some cookie cutter version of a businessman to stay successful. The problem was I was not really happy and more importantly I wasn't connecting with anyone, my clients, my community, or business relationships. Even worse, I was angry at home.

There is a saying, “We spend our whole lives trying to fit in, when we were born to stand out.”  WHO ARE YOU? Do you remember? Do you know? Being Branded as a RockStar is about learning to BE YOU. There is a reason people like Cardi B get big brand deals. 

“Everybody selling dreams. I'm too cheap to buy one.” Lil Wayne

At our RockStar Mastermind, we cover all of this and show you how you can be branded in your industry like a “RockStar.”

I’m K.C. Pride and I have searched for years for that secret sauce that elevates people to RockStar status. I noticed this same pattern from business to entertainment. After years of study and research I found what it truly takes to become the RockStar of your industry. My mastermind is not about tactics that will be obsolete by the time you finish reading this. We don't need to spend a year, 6 months, or even a full day to find the same answer you have been searching for. Join me , The “RockStar of Branding,” K.C. Pride for my upcoming Mastermind, you’ll thank me for the invite.


During this MASTERMIND, you will learn how to become the ROCKSTAR of your industry...

Understand your value

Know what you're worth and get paid for it.

Communicate your Value

Learn how to develop your value statement and communicate it that value to your industry.

Get Attention

In this day and age, attention is currency. If no ones looking, no ones buying!

Tell your story

Share your story to your peers and customer, but don't sell it. 

Make customers look for you, instead of you looking for them!

RockStars don't look for business, they are too busy turning down clients.

Are you ready to get serious?

Tired of posting for no one to see it and not being able to figure out why? Tired of having good ideas without the strategy to implement them to success? Tired of all the internet gurus that can teach you how and offer nothing but upsells and memberships. Yes, it's a scam!

Look, branding doesn't take years to learn, and what I have to teach you, we can get it done in a few hours. So let me show you the real secret to getting on top of your industry. Let me show you how to "Be the Rockstar of your Industry" and, most importantly, how to get paid for it. 

  • This MasterMind is not some long, drawn-out course that takes forever and offers elementary information. 
  • This MasterMind is not some cult group that you need to join my community and pay me monthly. 
  • This MasterMind is not some hold my hand and guide me everyday type deal. 

This is an advanced MasterMind group session that will teach you everything you need to know to find your superpower and brand yourself as the Rockstar of your industry. Most importantly, it's not going to take a year, and it's not going to take 90 days. We are going to get you there in 3 hours. That's right, just 3 hours. 1 MasterMind session to answer the real problems you're facing and cure what is holding you back.

I am K.C. Pride, and I am the Nation's #1 Influencer Branding Authority, aka The "Rockstar of Branding." (If I can get that title, I can show you how to get a big title like that too.) I work with individuals and businesses to help brand them and ultimately increase their profits and customers. The Branded ones get the money!

What does it mean to be branded? Do you know Lebron James, John Maxwell, Daymond Johns, The Rock? What do these names make you think of? That's branding! I can show you how to get this same Rockstar-style branding in your industry. Be known for your superpower. Have clients searching for you instead of you searching for them. 

Let's do an exercise: Do me a favor and search your name on Google right now. What do you see? Do you see your talents highlighted? Do you see your business acumen highlighted? This is what we are going to change. "What is Googlable, is real…" Remember that. Oh, and copyright that one for K.C. Pride, lol.

The point is, I can show you how to make your superpower show up here. I can show you how to make people search for it. I can show you how to make them want to do business with you. 

We will cover telling your story on social media and selling your story to the press. We will cover how to track your success and when to adjust your strategy. Most of all, we will give you the strategy that works for anyone brave enough to follow it. It does not matter what industry you are in; there are proven principles when followed work every time and in any industry.

Here is what some people I have worked with have to say: 

"K.C. has been amazing to work with!"

Lisa Nicole Cloud, Bravo, Married to Medicine

"K.C. Pride is the ultimate coach on becoming an influencer, his enthusiastic approach, combined with his branding expertise and extensive network, has been an asset to my business goals." 

Rashad Richey, National Media Personality

And many more…

So what does it cost, right? Branding like this could cost well over $100,000.00. However, the potential of what you could make from this session could be limitless. The media component alone could sell for well over $5,000.00, but all we are asking is a one-time investment of $499. That's right, just one payment of $499. We want the serious people, but we are also doing this to help people, serious ones. We could easily charge thousands of dollars for the level of information that you will get in this mastermind. We are doing this for just $499 because it's enough to say you are serious, but not too much for the average person to afford. We want to be able to help people that truly are ready to make an impact. 

Whether you are trying to get further in your career or gain more clients in your business, or trying to sell more products. If you understand the benefits of being branded and want to learn from people who are highly successful at doing this for people every day, this is your chance! But it won't stay at only $499 for long...

Meet the Team

Marc Parham

"The Coaches Coach"

I'm Marc Parham, I create success stories for people just like you. "Coaching is not about me is about what I can help you become!"

K.C. Pride

"The Rock Star"

I'm K.C. Pride and I have generated millions of dollars for my clients over my career, through my marketing, branding, and sales strategies. I'll do the same for you! 

Jeff Beale

"Mr. Marketology"

I'm Jeff Beale, I'll teach you how to tell your story the right way and put it on auto pilot. I've created millionaires from my tech, now it's your turn.

Are you ready to become the RockStar of your industry?

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